I need help deciding what I should watch after Friday Night Lights is over. Every option is something I have seen before, some multiple times.

  • Dawson’s Creek
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Dark Angel
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars 
  • Dead Like Me

Now VM is a show that I JUST did a rewatch of, probably about four months ago, or less. But it is an option. The West Wing is something I got for Christmas, but when I made an attempt to watch it, I just couldn’t get into it. An I want to watch it, but I was really uninterested. Same with 21 Jumpstreet, which I also couldn’t get into. 




it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

this is how you end a show. you don’t give the audience exactly what they want, or take it completely away from them either, you leave them with the idea of what could be

you don’t throw all sanity to hell in the hopes of going out with a bang, you go out with a warm hug and a thank you 

you don’t give the characters the perfect dream ending, you give them something better

and this is how you end a show that is so powerful, people are still emotional about it 10 years after it ends.